Interview with Nicole Dyer, ABC 612, Morning Program

19 December 2013

DYER: Joining me first up, Steve Ciobo, Federal Member for Moncrieff, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer. Mr Ciobo, good morning. CIOBO: Good morning Nicole. DYER: One of the big election promises was to bring the budget back into surplus, back into the black, now Prime Minister Tony Abbott is saying next year's budget will put […]

Interview with Julie Doyle, 2PM News, ABC News 24

17 December 2013

DOYLE: Thanks Kim, Steve Ciobo, firstly the Opposition has accused the Government of making the deficit look as large as possible to then be able to come in and say well we're going to fix this situation up next year, is that true? CIOBO: Clearly it's not true, I mean what's happened is that the […]

Interview with David Speers on Sky News, PM Agenda

16 December 2013

SPEERS: With us now is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Steve Ciobo. Steve Ciobo thank you for your time. Can I start by asking you to confirm or deny something I've been told; there will be another cut to foreign aid in tomorrow's mid-year budget update? CIOBO: Nice try David, but I'm not confirming […]

Doorstop, Parliament House

5 December 2013

CIOBO: We’ve seen a big change in the last 24 hours, we’ve seen a situation where the Greens Party has completely embarrassed the Labor Party. We’ve seen a change where the new economic fringe dwellers are the Australian Labor Party. Unfortunately Labor had a big problem in Government, and that’s a problem that’s now becoming […]

Doorstop, Parliament House

4 December 2013

CIOBO: We see today the depths that Labor will sink to with respect to trying to be politically opportunistic. The reality is the Coalition was elected at the last election with a clear mandate on a range of areas; we’ve got to restore Australia’s economic credibility, we’ve got to start to repay the mountain of […]

Sky News, AM Agenda

18 November 2013

GILBERT: You've heard what Bill Shorten had to say, he wants Joe Hockey to be up front, provide the Mid-Year Economic Update and then they'll talk turkey when it comes to raising the debt ceiling to $500 billion. Why don't you do that? CIOBO: You know there's nothing upfront about Labor's position on this Kieran. […]

Interview with Steve Cannane, Lateline, Friday Forum

15 November 2013

STEVE CANNANE, PRESENTER: Now for our regular Friday night forum with Opposition spokesman for Finance, Tony Burke, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Steve Ciobo. They joined me earlier in our Sydney studio. Steve Ciobo, Tony Burke, thanks for joining us. CIOBO: Pleasure. BURKE: G'day. CANNANE: Let's start with the debt ceiling. Now Steve […]